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FEMA Recommended Ultimate AM Broadcast Band Antenna (Model: AM-2)

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Ultimate AM Broadcast Band Antenna

Model AM-2

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FEMA has recently recommended the use of AM Loop Antennas as part of the Emergency Broadcast System.

This design has long been recognized by professional broadcast engineers, the military and serious amateur radio operators as the ideal solution for Medium Wave reception with a relatively small antenna. It takes advantage of the fact that radio waves consist of two components, an electrostatic field (E-wave) and a weaker magnetic field (or H-wave). Unlike standard ferrite loops, dipoles and long- wire antennas, it’s optimized to respond to the magnetic H- field component of the received signals and shielded from the electrostatic E-wave component of the received electromagnetic wave. Since most local interference (particularly AC power line radiated noise) has a large electrostatic E-wave component, it’s exceptionally effective at reducing this kind of interference and making it possible to receive signals obscured by local man-made noise sources.



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